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The Kitesurf365 Podcast started as an idea to talk with riders and share great stories. I thought a podcast would be the perfect platform to bridge the gap between kitesurfers all levels, from beginners to professionals. I wanted to be able to create content for people who love kiteboarding and also for people who want to learn more about the sport. The Kitesurf365 Podcast started officially Dec 2017 and since then I have gone on to record more than 230 (April 2021) episodes, with downloads from over 168 countries.

My goal is to build "The Kitesurf365 Podcast" so that it brings attention to the kitesurfing world. To be able to create content for people who love kiteboarding and also for people who want to learn more about the sport.

Our Partners

The Mega Pod is brought to you by North Kiteboarding. Every day we are inspired – and humbled - by nature’s engineering genius and her beautiful, intuitive simplicity. To that, we add cutting-edge technology from the world’s best design workrooms and decades of performance expertise.

Kitesurf365 is brought to you in association with TheKiteMag, bringing you the very best in kiteboarding photography and adventure, as well as tests of all the latest kites to drop and interviews with the best riders in the world.

Kitesurf365 is proud to be a partner and ambassador for The Kite4Life Foundation. Read Baris Soyogul's story here or listen to his episode on the podcast.

Kitesurf365 is proud to support Big Air Kite. 5% of every order goes towards running a Big Air Kite League competition. These competitions are run all over the world and give riders an opportunity to compete. Our first edition was run in Cape Town and we'll be bringing you many more!

The goal is to run bare-basic competitions without red tape. The founders of the league come from a competitive surfing background, where competitions were run every month. We're bringing the same approach to big air kite competitions. Rather than find reasons why we can't, we're all about being yes-men!

Support the Show

Guys I hope you enjoying the podcast, if you want to support the show click the Link in my bio and Buy me a coffee. But coffee is friendly metaphor, think of this as virtual tip jar. So if you buy me a coffee don’t forget to leave me a message.