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Jun 13, 2024


In today's episode, we hear from Luca Ceruti as he returns from injury and prepares for the final stop of the GKA in Grand Canaria. We talk about the fleet for the final for the GKA Big Air, and Stig becomes the 4th person to jump from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.




Jun 10, 2024


On today's TechCast, DK and I review The Woo White Paper. It's a fantastic document that explains everything that goes into the device's hardware and software. It also looks into the drive and commitment Woo has put into delivering this product to the community.


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Jun 6, 2024


Aaron Hadlow sits down with Colin for an exclusive interview regarding his decision to leave Duotone and join Harlem Kitesurfing.






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Jun 3, 2024


Renato Casati is not just a coach and leader; he's a true student of the game. His passion for sports is palpable, and it's this passion that sometimes makes him a polarizing figure. But above all, he's a proud father, a role he cherishes the most.


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Jun 1, 2024


On today's emergency episode, Colin and Adrian discuss Aaron Hadlow's move from Duotone.  What does Aaron bring to a new band? What does that mean for Duotone?




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