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Jun 27, 2024


In today's episode, Colin and Adrian discuss the new Pace Pro, we hear from Frank Ilfrich, the Pace Designer, and discuss Fantasy Kite for the upcoming Grand Canaria event.






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Jun 25, 2024


In today's emergency episode, Colin and Adrian break down the big news regarding the announcement of Ralf Groesel as F-ONE's new kite designer.


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Jun 24, 2024


On today's episode, I'm joined by Jamie Overbeek, the top seed and one of the favourites for the GKA World Championship. I talked to Jamie just weeks out from the final stop in Grand Canaria. We talked about his training and preparation for the final GKA event.


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Jun 20, 2024


In today's episode, Colin and Adrian discuss Jetto's Road to the Double Loop, a new series released today. We also discuss the Freestyle Blank Kite Test featuring Noe Font and Tom Bridge and we talk about the kites Luca Ceruti is flying in Dakhla.


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Jun 17, 2024


Leo Joins me today to answer questions and give a company angle to The Woo Way. Leo and his team have done an amazing job opening up this information to the community.


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